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5 Best Indian Salon Booking Apps for Shop Owners to Register


Have you ever felt tired trying to keep track of inventories, appointments, manage staff schedules, and client preferences all at once in your salon? Did you say yes?

Hey, I probably heard you, hah! Imagine a scenario where customer appointments get piled up and they are eagerly waiting for their turn. This is one of the common struggles that salon owners like you face.

In addition to this, with multiple clients and services, keeping manual tracking of things such as appointment bookings, staff schedules, and inventory management can be tough, leading to scheduling mix-ups and unhappy clients.

Now think of another scenario where you are balancing staff schedules. Means you are trying to ensure the right number of stylists and assistants are available at the right time.

On top of that, providing excellent customer service while handling administrative tasks is a constant pressure. From answering client queries to managing inventory, it's a lot to handle.

These challenges affect not only your salon's efficiency but also the overall customer experience. Clients expect easy booking, timely reminders, and personalized service, which can be hard to deliver without the right tools and strategies.

So, in this blog, I’m going to list down 7 best salon booking apps in India to help you overcome the day-to-day business tasks and challenges.

The list of best salon booking apps in India to take your business to the next level

Now, you may be wondering about choosing the right salon booking app, as it can make a world of difference in how you manage your salon operations.

There are numerous benefits of using salon booking apps such as automated appointment scheduling, staff management tools, client database organization, and seamless communication channels. 

Let's dive into the details of these best salon booking apps, so you can identify the most suitable one for your business or at least gain a clear understanding.


EvoGroom- online salon booking app

Grow your business by registering yourself on EvoGroom, one of the best salon booking apps in India.

The first one in the list of salon booking apps is EvoGroom. With over thousands of salon partners in the grooming industry, EvoGroom stands out as one of the best salon booking apps in India that can help your business to take on the next level. But how?

With EvoGroom, you can keep everything organized and running smoothly by managing appointments, client information, inventory, and finances all in one place. 

Not only EvoGroom can help your customer with booking and tracking appointments, but it can also help you with online bookings, processing payments, generating reports, and even much more.

It’s totally a game changer for your business, making your lives much easier and allowing you to focus on what you do best, which is providing excellent salon services.

Now, let's delve into what exceptional features EvoGroom offers that make it the best salon booking app in India.

Features of EvoGroom

Although all salon booking apps only aim to smooth your customers’ journey while enhancing their experience, some crucial factors make EvoGroom stand out. Have a look👇

Increased your online visibility

EvoGroom provides a platform for you to increase your online presence. By joining EvoGroom, you can expand your reach beyond your local customer base and attract new clients who discover you through the platform's extensive online network.

Get effective brand exposure

EvoGroom implements targeted marketing campaigns to promote your salon and showcase your unique services and specialties to customers. This exposure not only helps in attracting new customers but also enhances the visibility and reputation of your brand among existing and potential clients.

Helps you streamlined booking system

EvoGroom offers a streamlined and user-friendly booking system for your clients. This system makes it convenient for clients to book appointments online, and for you, it simplifies appointment management and scheduling, leading to more efficient operations.

Get reviews and ratings directly from your customers

EvoGroom provides a platform for customers to leave reviews and ratings for your salon. Positive reviews and high ratings on EvoGroom's platform contribute significantly to enhancing the reputation of your salon, helps you build trust with potential customers, and encourages more bookings.

Easily manage your appointments

EvoGroom's dashboard helps you with the proper tools to manage appointments, availability, and any last-minute changes easily. This feature ensures that appointments are organized, schedules are well-managed, and clients receive timely services, resulting in improved customer satisfaction.

Get on-time payments

Unlike other salon booking apps which trafters amounts delayed, EvoGroom simplifies the payment process for you. It ensures quick and hassle-free transfers of earnings from bookings to your account, so without worrying about payment logistics you can focus on delivering quality services.

Get quickly assisted with our help and support team

EvoGroom's executive supports you throughout the registration process to ensure a smooth experience. From assisting with profile creation to addressing any inquiries or challenges related to appointment scheduling or platform usage, EvoGroom's support professionals are always available to provide assistance and guidance.

Access the resource optimization feature

EvoGroom offers analytics tools that allow you to analyze data such as peak hours, and popular services. This information enables you to optimize your resources. This information enables you to optimize your resources based on demand, allocate staff and resources efficiently, minimize downtime, and maximize profitability.


zoylee - best beauty parlour booking apps for salon owners

Manage your customer appointments with Zoylee, one of the best salon booking apps in India.

Zoylee is your online salon booking platform for improving your salon business. It is committed to improving brand visibility, increasing sales, and maximizing revenue opportunities. Whether you're familiar with the growth of online food ordering businesses or inspired by a friend's success in the restaurant industry, Zoylee provides a customized platform for your salon business.

Features of Zoylee

Easily create and manage your business profile on Zoylee's platforms

Add services with pricing, offers, and discounts to attract customers

Enable customers to book appointments online for enhanced convenience

Gain visibility among a vast online audience for easier bookings

Enhance customer retention with comfort and convenience features

Yes Madam

yes madam - salon booking app in india

With Yes Madam salon booking app, you can amplify your customer satisfaction levels & drive sales in your business.

Yes Madam is a salon booking platform for shops that provide beauty and wellness services. It helps you to deliver your services to the customers at their doorstep. No matter whether you’re a professional or a business in the grooming industry it will help you out with the right customer base. 

Features of Yes Madam

Choose your working hours and preferred service areas for maximum convenience

Helps you to earn a substantial income in the growing beauty and wellness industry

It also provide training programs to equip you with the skills needed for skincare, makeup, and more

Get benefit from positive customer feedback and build a loyal client base

Billu Care

get yourself register with Billu Care salon booking app

Billu Care salon booking app from India helps you reduce customer churn while allowing you to deliver quality customer service.

Another salon booking app on our best 5 list is Billu Care. It makes the registration process of salon and spa quicker and easier. With Billu Care, you can easily manage bookings, appointments, and customer interactions through a user-friendly interface. Their platform offers attractive features to coordinate schedules, showcase services, and enhance overall customer satisfaction.

Features of Billu Care

Customers can book appointments quickly using the Billu Care app

Send messages and offers to customers to keep them interested

Get monthly reports to see how your salon is doing

Easily manage your salon inventory using the Billu Care app

Urban Company

urban company - best salon booking app in India

You can make your customers happy by providing excellent salon and spa services on time with Urban Company which is based in India.

Urban Company is also one of the leading platforms for salon owners and vendors, offering a complete solution to streamline your business operations and improve customer satisfaction. As a salon owner, you can easily register your business on Urban Company and reach a wider audience of potential clients. With easy booking management, appointment scheduling, and customer interactions, Urban Company helps you to focus on providing exceptional salon services to customers. 

Features of Urban Company

You can list your services with detailed descriptions, pricing, and availability to attract customers

Get target customers in specific geographic areas to optimize your reach and customer base

Manage your schedule and availability according to your preferences and business hours

Urban Company give you the access of customer support to address your queries related to their offerings

Monitor customer reviews and ratings to gather feedback and improve your services

It offers marketing support to promote your services and attract more customers

Grow your salon business with the right salon booking app

In the world of salon management, choosing the right booking app is not just important—it's crucial. Streamline operations, improve customer experience, and overcome everyday business challenges effectively with the right salon booking app. 

That's where EvoGroom shines. With automated scheduling, smart staff management, and on-time payment features, EvoGroom can be your partner in success. Say goodbye to schedule managing headaches and hello to business growth. 

Don't hesitate to reach out to EvoGroom's team with your queries. Ping us on WhatsApp to discuss more details and explore the numerous benefits awaiting you. 

EvoGroom- best beauty salon booking app in India


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